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How to choose an outdoor lamp?

To make the right choice, it is essential to take into account the IP value, which shows us the degree of protection that the articles offer against atmospheric elements. In this way, resistance to external elements such as water, humidity and dust is determined.

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The first number indicates the protection against objects and dust entry. The second is protection against water. Always for outdoors you have to choose at least IP 44 (splash-proof and quite damp), to have it outdoors and have good resistance you need at least IP65.

When looking to buy outdoor lighting it is essential to consider a series of aspects that guarantee the functionality, safety and aesthetics of your outdoor space. From garden lamps and terraces to spotlights, wall lights and beacons, our wide range of products offers options to satisfy all your outdoor lighting needs. Whether it is to enhance the beauty of your garden, improve visibility on your terrace or increase security at your entrance, you will find the perfect solution in our selection of quality products.

How to choose the best outdoor lighting

Decorative outdoor lighting is essential to provide ambience and enhance the beauty of your terrace, patio, balcony, garden or porch. Outdoor luminaires not only fulfill a practical function, but also add a decorative touch even when they are turned off. Here we offer you tips on how to choose the best outdoor lighting that combines functionality and aesthetics to create a unique and welcoming space:

·Product type: from garlands to lanterns, each element offers a unique decorative effect. Garlands, in particular, are ideal for delimiting spaces and creating cozy environments.

·Power: you can opt for rechargeable, electric or solar solutions. Solar lamps are especially convenient as they are not only environmentally friendly, but also require no wiring and can be installed in areas without access to electricity.

·Technology: Consider whether you prefer luminaires with bulb sockets or with integrated LED. The LEDs are long-lasting, efficient and offer immediate ignition.

·Extra features: some outdoor lights offer additional functions, such as variation in light intensity, color change, twilight sensor or smart connectivity.

·Material and IP protection: the material of the luminaires is another important factor to consider. You can find options in steel, ceramic, glass, plastic and more. Each material has its own characteristics in terms of resistance and aesthetics. Also, check the Protection Index (IP) to make sure the luminaires are suitable for outdoor use. A higher degree of protection guarantees greater resistance to humidity and dust, which is crucial for its durability in outdoor environments.

How to choose the best solar lighting

Solar lighting is presented as a comfortable, practical and environmentally friendly option. If you are considering how to choose the best solar lighting, here we offer you some keys to find the most cost-saving and efficient solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

The space you are going to illuminate

When it comes to outdoor solar lighting, it is essential to consider the space you want to illuminate and for what purpose. Outdoor solar lights work by converting solar radiation into electricity, offering up to 8 hours of autonomy at night. Its advantages include its autonomy, ease of installation, savings in consumption and its respect for the environment. Whether to illuminate a terrace, create atmosphere on a porch or delimit passage areas, there is a perfect solar alternative for you.

Special functions and variety of products

When choosing the right solar lighting, consider special features that can make it more comfortable to use and customize it to your needs. From twilight detectors that turn on the lights automatically at dusk, to presence detectors that activate the lights when detecting movement, the options are diverse. In addition, some solar lamps offer the possibility of regulating the light intensity, changing the color temperature and even having a remote control for more convenient control.

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